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What special ingredients are included in Get it Green™?

Get it Green™ contains a patent pending, Biozyme-5 Complex which releases microbes into the soil to help neutralize and accelerate re-growth. When dry, Get it Green™ is weather resistant.

Will I notice the results right away?

Yes, the green is instant! The noticeable brown eyesores on your lawn and bushes will immediately lose their impact as our solution dries and blends in with the existing green plant material surrounding the brown spots.  Our scientists at Science Solutions have spent countless hours testing the different colors of green that exist. Every lawn has a unique green tone, and our professionals developed a formula that will work with all shades. Within a few days of application, Get it Green™ will lighten as it blends into the surrounding area. When you first use Get it Green™, you will notice that the spot you have sprayed appears a brighter green than the rest of your lawn. No worries. Get it Green™ reacts with the normal environmental weather conditions and will lighten and blend within a few days.

Is Get it Green™ safe for pets and small children?

Yes, Get it Green™ is absolutely 100% safe for pets and small children. Please allow the product to completely dry before stepping or touching the area that has been sprayed.  Do not apply Get It Green™ onto wet or moist landscape material, as the solution needs to soak in and then dry.

How long should I leave Get it Green™ to dry?

Drying time varies depending on the outdoor weather conditions. Please allow several hours and test for dryness before using the lawn or touching the plant material.

How many usages will I get from one bottle?

Our team at Science Solutions tested the product and found that with one 24-oz bottle of Get it Green™ covers approximately 150-200 square feet. You can actually cover over 300 browned spots!

Is Get it Green™ paint?

Get it Green™ is NOT paint. It is a water-based stain for all types of lawn and plant material.

What other products does Science Solutions make?

In the Lawn and Garden category, Science Solutions also offers Get it Green™ in a 32oz concentrate that covers 2,000 square feet and is developed for use with a sprayer for larger areas. For faded and unattractive mulch, Science Solutions also offers Get it Cedar, Get it Black and Get it Redwood. These products allow the rejuvination of weather-worn mulch and ground cover without the addition of new wood chips.

How often should I use Get it Green™?

Get it Green™ can be used ANY time you have weather or pet stain damage to your lawn or garden. And don’t forget to try the other Get it Green™ products.

Does Get it Green™ stain?

Get it Green™ is a weather-resistant solution, however it can be removed from your skin or hard surfaces by cleaning with ordinary window cleaner solution quickly after the stain has occured.

Who do I contact if I want more information?

To reach us by email, write to us at To reach us by phone, please call Customer Service, Monday-Friday 9A-5P CST at (800) 737-5283.